Reliability, stability and long-term cooperation

Sequoia Rent Service Company offers rental services of off-road vehicles for several years in Kyrgyzstan. We value our reputation and therefore always comply all assumed obligations. You can reserve one, two or more vehicles and be sure that the car will wait for you at the required location at the specified date and time.

Our company understands how you value your time, so all the paper work is done in advance. Upon arrival in Bishkek, you have to check everything, put your signature and begin your journey. 

All our vehicles are insured, which means that you do not need worry about anything. You leave us a deposit of $ 500 during the tour. This is the lowest amount, when compared with services car rental, working in Europe or in the United States. We will refund you the money after tour completion and vehicle transmission.

With us, any of your tour will become enjoyable and special event, which will give you many feelings! Discover Central Asia with us!

About us

The company Sequoia Rent Service specializes on renting vehicles in Kyrgyzstan. We suggest you comfortable, powerful and reliable vehicles of company Toyota that even extreme trip will turn into pleasure.