Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia is the frame SUV, produced by “Toyota” since 2001 until now.

Almost immediately, the vehicle has gained popularity after its premiere in USA. The power and impressive size of the SUV have conquered the population of the New World and Canada. This vehicle nominated to the short list of the contest “North American Truck of Year” and it meant for the debutant car a big success. The Sequoia vehicles made in the “Toyota” factory in Indiana state and sell in dozens of countries around the world. Special attention deserves the name of the vehicle.

However, few people know that Sequoia is a tree, which grows on the North America coast. Its height can reach 110 meters, making sequoia one of the tallest trees on Earth. Scientists have known these plant specimens older than 2000 years. The first vehicle tests were demonstrated the highest reliability of the engine and chassis car system in 2001. The developers have decided to reflect this fact in the title of vehicle in order to emphasize its big resource components and assemblies.

As a result, “Sequoia” name was entrenched to the vehicle. Toyota TLC100 is legendary frame SUV, which is the closest fellow vehicle and known all over the world. Both cars have a lot in common. However, Sequoia seems preferable to driving conditions in Central Asia.

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