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    Individual approach to every client!

    Individual approach towards every client! We pay attention to all your requirements and wishes and always provide the best solutions.


    Insured car fleet


    You leave us only deposit 500$; this is the measure of your maximum responsibility in case of emergency. The insurance company takes on all big risks.

    We provide the assistance during preparation of route

    We provide the assistance during your itinerary preparation. We can offer you the reliable off-road vehicles in Bishkek, moreover, help to plan the trip charge-free: suggest you where and what places are better to visit and stay.

    Low prices at a stable high level of service

    You would seem that our prices are low than market one, simply because, we do the off-road tours for many years. Thanks to our existing range of regular customers, we have been developed rapidly that allows us to offer flexible terms of payment for our services.


    Transfer from airport “Manas” to Bishkek.

    Have you arrived to the capital of Kyrgyzstan and preferred to feel confident from the first meters? We can deliver or pick up one or few vehicles from the airport for a small fee.


    Prepared the Toyota “Sequoia” for off-road

    Prepared the Toyota “Sequoia” for off-road. Our vehicles are not the smart cabriolets. All of them have passed the technical inspection. Our off-road park consists of only Sequoia brand in view of the fact that these vehicles are perfect for travel in Central Asia.




    Kyrgyzstan is the mountainous country. Most of its territory is located high above sea level and represents small walkable area. Before opening the company and offering you the SUV rent, we have wondered what type of car is the best for travelling in Kyrgyzstan. The auto has to be not only reliable and powerful for overcoming long climbs on streamers and temperature changes, but at the same time guarantees maximum comfort for avoidance feelings broken and tired even the longest journeys. We were looking for you the perfect option exploring the existing vehicles fleet. After a long search and testing of different vehicles, we have selected for you, perhaps, one of the best in comfortable class off-road vehicles (SUV). It is Toyota Sequoia, which is the safe, soft, large and powerful vehicle. This auto is good fit as for long trips on the highway as well as for forcing the small rivers and driving on rough terrain. Toyota Sequoia is a unique SUV. It looks quite elegant thereby the auto does not fear the dirt, at any time is ready to roll up from the highway, and dives into the dirt showing its full strength. The SUV rental in Kyrgyzstan is the most popular request among tourists.  






    About us

    The company Sequoia Rent Service specializes on renting vehicles in Kyrgyzstan. We suggest you comfortable, powerful and reliable vehicles of company Toyota that even extreme trip will turn into pleasure.